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Everything you need for an memorable parade

Our company specializes in the design and development of parades and large scale shows for parades and Three Kings Parades. At the moment we have a large catalogue of self-produced shows that you can see in our web page.

Three Kings Parade

Design, logistics, coordination and production of the entire Parade.


Creation of performances and shows based on a theme proposed by the client and adapted to the requirements of the client.

Advertising and Marketing

We design, create and build all types of inflatable elements and scenery for promotional campaigns for companies and public institutions.


"Magic and fantasy were crowned in Ourense"

"The three Kings from the East did not miss their traditional appointment at the end of Christmas yesterday, distributing magic and gifts throughout the province. Their majesties, polar bears, swans, and a royal entourage of up to 26 floats were the advance in the city of the most magical night of the year "


"Who has never dreamed of hugging a unicorn? Those who appeared full of light in the ourensan parade made many children jump with enthusiasm"

"Polar Bears and lots of candy."

"... The Polar Bears almost stole the spotlight from Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar in a colorful and sonorous Three Kings parade."

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