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Theatrical production of different formats

We are always looking for new cultural ideas that can be adapted to the needs of our clients.

Our last two theatre productions sold out to more than a hundred auditoriums and theatres in cities and towns in Galicia.

Sede de Mal and Filosolfando, starring Luis Iglesia Besteiro and Xabier Deive, delighted thousands of spectators in one of the most outstanding tours of the Galician theatre scene.


"'Sede de mal', a comedy about the dark side of life"

"After the success of the TVG series 'Matalobos' and touring with the play 'Gaivotas subterráneas', the actors Luis Iglesia B. (in the photo) and Xabier Deive meet again on stage to unleash their wildest side "

"The Principal Theater hosts the comedy« Filosolfando », with Xabier Deive and Luís Iglesia"

"... The play is a musical comedy in which the two actors talk about a simple, mundane and vulgar question: existence."

"The actors Xabier Deive and Luís Iglesia take 'Filosolfando' to Estrada"

"Después de 'Sede de Mal', con más de diez mil espectadores, 'llega 'Filosolfando' la última producción de Boneca Lareta que se representará este viernes a las 21.00 horas"

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