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We create and produce festivals of street shows, taking care of their artistic direction and the choice of performers.


We have a wide catalogue of shows in permanent evolution. We work with a selection of companies from different artistic disciplines such as theatre, circus, magic, aerial acrobatics, puppetry, music, dance, clowns…


We take care of everything necessary to make the festival a success.We are on the spot controlling the performances and the safety of the audience and artists.

Design and Communication :

We design and print all the promotional and advertising material of the festival.

Press- kit for media and press.

Photography and report of the festival and public repercussion.


"Magic and fantasy were crowned in Ourense"

"The three Kings from the East did not miss their traditional appointment at the end of Christmas yesterday, distributing magic and gifts throughout the province. Their majesties, polar bears, swans, and a royal entourage of up to 26 floats were the advance in the city of the most magical night of the year "


"Who has never dreamed of hugging a unicorn? Those who appeared full of light in the ourensan parade made many children jump with enthusiasm"

"Polar Bears and lots of candy."

"... The Polar Bears almost stole the spotlight from Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar in a colorful and sonorous Three Kings parade."

"A show about the history of Ourense opens the local festivals"

"The show Auria: A viaxe continues yesterday officially opened the patron saint festivities of Ourense. The show re-enacted various passages in the history of the city ..."

"-A revolta irmandiña- inaugurates the local festivals"

"A show halfway between the local history of the medieval revolts, the circus and the dreams of Mateo Pemán, a man from Ourense who invented a machine to fly ..."

"The Irmandiños took over the city"

"... There are, with this, already three parts of an initiative that seeks to recover little-known episodes of the city through the ages. This time, the Irmandi revolts and the ups and downs of the ecclesiastical and stately powers ... "

"'Sede de mal', a comedy about the dark side of life"

"After the success of the TVG series 'Matalobos' and touring with the play 'Gaivotas subterráneas', the actors Luis Iglesia B. (in the photo) and Xabier Deive meet again on stage to unleash their wildest side "

"The Principal Theater hosts the comedy« Filosolfando », with Xabier Deive and Luís Iglesia"

"... The play is a musical comedy in which the two actors talk about a simple, mundane and vulgar question: existence."

"The actors Xabier Deive and Luís Iglesia take 'Filosolfando' to Estrada"

"Después de 'Sede de Mal', con más de diez mil espectadores, 'llega 'Filosolfando' la última producción de Boneca Lareta que se representará este viernes a las 21.00 horas"

"The history of sharpeners comes to life in Rodeiro"

"Aitor Rei, director and scriptwriter of the documentary feature film A Ultima viaxe do Afiador, passion is evident in his voice. From his lips come the stories of intrepid adventurers who .."

"The knife-grinder Museum will be in the city and will be interactive"

"... the provincial president also emphasized that the documentary film by Aitor Rei from Ourense," A Ultima Viaxe do Afiador "," will play a leading role in the promotion of the figure of the sharpener ".

"The TVG broadcasts today the Mestre Mateo Awards. "The last trip of the knife-Grinder" is nominated

"... The film can already be seen on various international circuits, but yesterday it began its tour of educational centers and in a municipality where the wheel is a totem, but not the one for sharpening, but the one for the cow cart ..."

"Two minutes of applause at Cineuropa at the premiere of the documentary« Frankenstein 04155 »"

"The public recognizes the film about the Alvia accident with a 9.53 rating. Among the attendees was Luis Aláez, the judge who instructed the case"

"Judge Aláez, impressed by the Alvia documentary"

"Feijoo responds to José Blanco:« I will not use, nor have I done nor will do, a tragedy to seek political profitability »"

"Frankenstein 04155, the documentary about the Angrois accident that goes to the brain and not to the viscera of the viewer"

"The film focuses on the causes of the accident in which 80 people died"

"The Santiago driver is blamed for preventing the chain of responsibilities from moving upward"

"Financed through crowdfunding and with the collaboration of the Alvia 04155 Victims Platform, Rei tries to shed light on the case" with Renfe and Adif's own documentation ... "

"The documentary about the Santiago train accident that they don't want you to watch""

"Aitor Rei has directed and produced a film that uncovers the incongruities of the case and for which he has been pressured not to shoot it. He has the support of the victims of the disaster"

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